wefox is the largest Insurtech in Europe and was founded in Switzerland in November 2014. It successfully operates across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. wefox is customer centric and works with an ecosystem of key brokers and insurance companies to meet customer needs of trust and simplification. By combining the most advanced technology with traditional insurance consulting know-how, wefox has already managed to acquire more than 150,000 customers and more than 600 insurance brokers. In October 2017 wefox will launch ONE, the first fully digital European insurance company.

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Berlin, Germany
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wefox is an online AI assisted service for helping consumers to choose and manage their insurance. Through their browser, or by using the wefox app, customers can access their personal online assistant, which can help them to manage their existing insurance policies, research new ones and drop unrenewed ones through an easy interface, which can also give them answers and connect them to information and quotes. The wefox app is free and is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is vendor neutral and is designed to have the customer’s best interests at its core, however, it also provides a great way for the insurers who partner with wefox to engage with customers. wefox, based in Berlin, Germany, is partnered with many of the biggest insurers in the countries it operates in. These include brands like Swiss Life, Barmenia, AXA, Alliance, Rhion Digital, HDI, Helvetia and VHV. All different kinds of insurance policies are represented, and the app or browser service can effectively manage someone’s whole insurance portfolio. As of May 2019, wefox is available in several European countries and has offices in Vienna in Austria, Barcelona in Spain, and Zurich, Switzerland as well as its headquarters in Germany.

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