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Bigger data and deeper insights to predict maritime risk

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Windward helps organizations improve their understanding of maritime risk, enabling them to take better actions to protect themselves. Our unbiased, data-driven risk insights are objective and available on demand. And because they're based on our unique, ship operational profiles, they help customers make the best decisions every day. Windward operates across the maritime ecosystem, with solutions for governments, multilateral organizations, marine insurers and shipping companies. GOVERNMENT: Our machine learning algorithms are trained by the best domain experts and data scientists to help analysts expose anomalous ship activities, and generate leads on unknown targets. With Windward on board, there's nowhere to hide. INSURANCE: Improve underwriting, monitor compliance and prevent losses. For marine insurers, our machine learning models use vessel operating patterns to apply a risk rating to every ship and fleet, augmenting underwriting decisions and measuring the likelihood of a vessel having an accident in the year ahead. They also monitor sanctions compliance, and assist with loss prevention and claims investigation.

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Tel Aviv, Israel
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