xbAV (‘Xpension’) is the leading provider of corporate pension technology in Germany. Its software-as-a-service platform provides a shared service interface between pension product providers, insurance agents, companies and employees to create new, and manage existing, pension policies. xbAV employs 100+ people in Munich (headquarters), Berlin and Saarbrücken. More than 20 insurers, 7,000 insurance agents and 2,000 companies use xbAV’s services. xbAV closed its $24m Series B at NOAH Berlin 2018.

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München, Germany
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NC Company Overview

xbAV is a software company that provides software as a service (SaaS) solutions that connect companies with occupational pension providers and allow for management of employee pensions. The platform can enable both general employees and management and admin staff to access the pension information that is relevant to them, and the company partners with leading occupational pension providers that include SwissLife, Allianz, Metall Rente, WWK, HDI, Signal Iduna, Canada Life, Die Continentale, Gothaer, Die Bayerishe and Alte Leipziger. The company provides its platform as a service, which means that its customers can access their accounts from any devices using their accounts, and there is no requirement for onsite installation when a company chooses to start using xbAV to manage their employee pensions. All upgrades and maintenance of the software are also performed by xbAV, meaning that there is no disruption to users when updates are performed and no strain on in-house IT. xbAV, based in Munich, Germany, was founded in 2007 and has offices in Berlin and Saarbrucken as well as its Munich HQ. It was founded by Martin Bockleman who is the current CEO of the company. As of June 2019, xbAV has over 120 staff. Its website is available in German and English.

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