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YouHotel Smart Solution

Digital Concierge in your smartphone with direct access to all Travel Service Providers!

Company Overview

YouHotel Smart Solution provides a unified multilingual Digital Concierge that increases Hotels and DMC (Destination Management Company) revenue from additional services upsell and allows guests to interact digitally with the Hotel/DMC staff. It’s one application for all connected Hotels which they can set up online and provide their services for the guests. The product passed the MVP stage with successful pilots done in the Mediterranean region. The company has a focus at the Middle East and EU markets right now and charge Hotels/DMC a commission from additional customer orders done via YouHotel platform. "YouHotel Smart Solution LTD" was founded in 2018 and based in the heart of Europe in Budapest Hungary. Founders of YouHotel is an international team with 20 years of experience in software and travel&hospitality industry. YouHotel Platform consists of mobile apps for users (Hotel guests) and Hotel/DMC staff, a web-service for setting up Hotel profile and a cloud Communication Hub. This is a unified platform and a unified application for all connected Hotels and DMC. Hotels/DMC just have to fill in their own profile online and provide services for the guests! YouHotel Digital Concierge has been already launched in several Hotels in the Mediterranean region (Spain, Turkey) and Dubai. We are looking for opportunities to expand our Platform to the whole world! See our Presentation here:

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Budapest, Hungary
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