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Mobile payment and loyalty app allowing retailers to better target their customers


Yoyo Wallet is a U.K.-based mobile wallet startup that enables its users to pay for their goods with their smartphones. The company currently processes over 150,000 monthly in-store transactions by combining payment and loyalty via an easy scan. It also provides a marketing platform for retailers that enables digital customer engagement in-store. The multi-retailer mobile wallet offers loyalty programs and rewards offerings it can automatically deliver to customers based on buying patterns.

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London, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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Yoyo Wallet is a technology and financial tech company that provides a mobile wallet app for iOS and Android devices. The Yoyo Wallet app aims to integrate both mobile payment and loyalty programs, allowing users to pay for products with their mobile and instantly receive loyalty points, rewards, and itemized digital receipts. For stores, this creates a lot of benefits and allows a digital means of attribution for in-store sales, as well as a new way to present promotional offers to customers and foster engagement with loyalty schemes. Yoyo Wallet, based in London, UK, was originally started as a project at Imperial College, London when co-founders Michael Rolph and Dave Nicholson were students there. The company is supported by investment from leading venture capital partners who include Woodford, IP Group and Metro Group. As of June 2019, Yoyo Wallet has been featured by Forbes, Tech Crunch, Marketing Week and Essential Retail, and has won a number of respected industry awards and accolades, including a Retail Systems Award for In-Store Innovation in 2018, an award for Best Customer Experience Strategy in the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards in 2018, and the MPE award for Best Mobile Payment Solution.

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