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Zego is the global insurtech company providing flexible insurance for the gig economy and new mobility - including ride-hailing, delivery services and fleets of shared vehicles. We're a digital broker using technology to price policies by the minute or mile, so our customers are covered for just as long as they need. Founders Sten Saar and Harry Franks, formerly of Deliveroo, noticed that many delivery drivers dropped out of the application process when required to present proof of insurance. The high upfront cost of annual policies was a barrier to entering gig economy work. To fix the problem, they created Zego: a pay-as-you-go insurance platform allowing customers to pay just for the time that they actually spend at work. Since 2017, we have added monthly, annual and fleet insurance products, extending Zego's offering to cover all types of vehicles. Our purpose is to deliver insurance fit for the 21st century, so people can live, work and travel however they please.

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