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Our Vision: -Manage your jobs with a click.-With the Zenjob technology and staffing service companies plan and staff their shifts in the blink of an eye. Easy access to excellent workforce makes Zenjob unique.

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Our Vision: -Manage your jobs with a click.- With Zenjob companies plan and staff their shifts in the blink of an eye and experience great service. Easy access to excellent workforce makes Zenjob unique. We attract the best talent since we offer flexibility, Zenjob workers can decide when and where to work, and who to work for. Our Mission: -To improve the future of work and become the best player for temporary staffing.- We want to set new standards for convenience, flexibility and quality in the world of temporary staffing. As a one stop solution for work, we want to be at the top of businesses’ minds when they think of on-demand staffing. For our workers, we want to be the best solution to earn money quickly and enjoy all the benefits of flexible work. Our Values: -Being a startup, we have a long way to go and there is only one direction: Straight up.- We understand our core values as guidance for our daily work. They help us to communicate with our customers, our talents and with each other. Be it for hiring or even for strategic questions, these core values guide us on the route of our journey to improve the future of work. #Humble: We show gratitude and respect for everyone we work with. We value modesty. #Hungry: We always find new ways to challenge ourselves and exceed expectations. #Honest: We believe in a culture of trust and openness. We feel empowered to tell the truth. #Helpful: We leave no one behind and always offer our help, no matter what.

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Berlin, Germany
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Recruitment & HR & Workspaces 
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