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ZIZOO is the leading global boat holiday platform. We are changing the boat holiday and travel industries with a 3-piece technology: SaaS for boat operating companies, website and GDS for travel partners.

Company Overview

Zizoo is the #1 online boat holiday platform and one of the fastest growing European tech travel companies. We are changing the global travel landscape by bringing 29mn boats into a digital era and making boat holidays bookable and accessible to everyone in the world. By addressing a significant share of all sun & beach holiday market, Zizoo is serving a market of EUR 350BN. Zizoo offers a 3-piece technology consisting of 1) a booking website 2) SaaS for boat operating companies and 3) GDS (Global distribution system) for boats.

Primary Company Info

Berlin, Germany
Year Founded:
Active Markets:

Edition June 2019

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