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Personal Introductions driven by Human Knowledge

NOAH Digital connects leading investors to discover their next portfolio star, peers at earlier / later stages and strengthen relationships with corporates.

Share your latest investment criteria and let our team identify your most relevant deal opportunities!

NOAH Digital for Investors

The Breeding Ground for Unicorns

1,250 Companies Presented at NOAH from All Growth Segments

Meet the future of European digital under one roof.

  • Find your next deal opportunity with companies from all stages 
  • Strengthen connections with earlier / later stage investors
  • Build corporate relationships for portfolio exits
  • Intensify your LP connections
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NOAH Digital Company Universe

(2013 - 2019)

>60% Coverage of Total Capital Raised

>70% Coverage of Top 500 Companies

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Covering All Growth Segments

A horizontal growth conference with vertical depth for Europe’s leading executives

Our Investor Partner Program

Make the most out of the NOAH Digital

Meeting Service

Personal introductions to hot companies with our targeted and curated approach.

Promote Your Fund

Raise your profile among top entrepreneurs and introduce new funds / investment strategies to the ecosystem.

Present Your Portfolio

Highlight your best deals and value contribution via an
on-stage presentation.

Increase Visibility

Branding across our materials will make your firm top-of-mind among leading entrepreneurs.

Family Offices at NOAH Zurich

€250m or more liquid assets is automatically an Investor Partner at NOAH (anonymously if desired), as part of our initiative to strengthen participation from family offices in our ecosystem.

Access to Investments: only top quality companies (usually restricted to VCs) via the trusted NOAH platform
Meetings LP for Top Funds: set up meetings with the top funds and access investment targets
Changemakers Global: make impact by investing in the most profitable and sustainable companies
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