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Growth and Sustainability

Industry Verticals

Covered at the NOAH Conference Zurich, 13-14 December 2023

B2B Platforms & SaaS

2x lead over the fintech category in terms of number of companies Invited. Required half the capital per company though than fintech . The 194 invited companies raised Euro 24 billion. 20 of the 36 speaking SaaS companies are raising growth capital or seeking for a buyout round at NOAH. The category also leading the categories by employees on Linkedin growth.


Ecommerce & Marketplaces

Digital as a sales channel through tailored market places comes down to differentiation through product quality and scale. The 10 of 19 NOAH speaking companies are raising money at NOAH in December.


Consumer Services

With 33 months on average, this is the most mature category measured by when the last financing round was. 5 companies are coming to NOAH out of the 12 category speakers seeking a transaction now.
For the whole group, only 6% of the already raised capital is looked to be raised at NOAH. This makes it also the most mature category on stage this year.


FinTech & InsurTech

The best funded category of the invited companies. The speaking companies are looking for capital at NOAH but less aggressive amounts compared to Healthcare and EduTech. 12 out of the 19 speaking companies are raising together $ m at NOAH this year. NOAH hosts neo banking apps, digital insurance models and leading saving platforms.



The 6 speaking companies and 3 of them looking for an investor. 2 of them for $50m+ make up this category made up by companies with big plans. Not many public companies in Healthtech achieved a lang lasting valuation. Many companies reached their peaks with last VC round valuations and have pivoted into slow growing niches with complex cap tables. Overfunding has been a challenge in the sector.



Teaching knowledge or providing knowledge services as a marketplace or content owner is a category which has on the second rank done the most recent average dated back capital round. 6 of 10 speaking companies at NOAH are looking to raise $ m


Solar, Hydro and Renewables

With a 2x leadership by capital raised NOAHs strongest sustainability category on stage. 15 out of 17 companies are looking to fund raise at NOAH. 9 companies alone looking for investments of $50m and more. This makes it the hottest category by size of big deals. SaaS with 8 on spot 2.


Sustainable Agriculture

Reduction of emissions in the food sector is a high priority objective. The large numbers of subsidies into C02 increasing forms of agriculture should get invested into startups improving efficiency and sustainability of the agriculture sector. 9 out of the 11 speaking companies are coming to NOAH to raise funds, of an aggregated amount of $ m.


Sustainable Food and Water

6 out of 6 speaking companies plan to raise capital at NOAH with a mid term time horizon


Environmental Systems

The youngest category measured by average date of last funding round. Measuring data and delivering sustainability. Out of 11 speaking companies are raising capital at NOAH Conference this year for combined $ m


Social Plastic, Recycling and Waste

The 4 confirmed speaking companies are looking to fund combined over $150 million. To keep the oceans clean, working on plastic alternatives and even in space, sustainability is promised from our innovative companies on stage.


Corporate Sustainability

From carbon accounting to environmental projects. 14 out of 15 companies are coming to NOAH to raise collectively $ m. Capital rounds are dating 24 months back on average and there are sizeable buyout opportunities in this category.


Eco-friendly Transportation

After Solar the 2nd strong category in terms of capital raised. Also today, 10 out of the 13 presenting companies is looking to raise a combined $ m funds at NOAH.


Sustainable Construction

One of the best represented sector of innovative companies presenting at NOAH. Prefab houses and sustainable materials like timber. 6 out of 6 companies are raising money at NOAH.


NOAH Zurich Conference 2023

13 - 14 December 2023

Digital, Sustainable, Profitable, Growth

Introducing a unique line up of digital champions and sustainability market leaders

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