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Explore how cutting-edge technology is transforming the industry, enhancing patient care, diagnostics, and overall wellness, leading to healthier lives and improved outcomes.

Not many public companies in HealthTech achieved a long lasting valuation. Many companies reached their peaks with last VC round valuations and have pivoted into slow growing niches with complex cap tables. Overfunding has been a challenge in the sector.


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Innovative business around and in Healthcare has always been a desired category. No other sector requires industry know how which often needs to get adapted to the local markets. Especially on the regulatory side, the risks are closed markets, slow regulation processes, lack of market standards and volatile outcomes depending on elections.

Only with an outlook for an exit to various strategic buyers, an investment must have achieved profitability or a unique angle must be generated. Product and platform quality is kingmaker in this one players takes it all market category.

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