Connecting European Champions
and Challengers

13 - 14 June 2019


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What to expect at the NOAH Conference Berlin

Our mission: To bring together future-shaping executives and investors active across segments driven by digital revolution

5,000+ senior executives, leading experts and investors meet to discuss partnerships, investments or broaden their network
Unique mix of CEOs from European traditional large caps and top-funded startups on stage
Focus on emerging start-ups 100 handpicked young companies on the Launchpad stage
Partner dinners and satellite events throughout the city
Workshops and exhibitions by leading digital service providers
Totally revamped conference app and networking / matchmaking technology
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Premier event for leaders in the European digital ecosystem

Across five stages, 400+ speakers will discuss their vision for the future covering verticals such as

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The NOAH Books - Industry References Covering the European Digital Ecosystem

NOAH19 Berlin Edition

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500 speakers will provide a complete overview of the latest developments across 10 key verticals, as we evolve to become an all-round European growth conference.

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Speaker Book

Check out our NOAH19 Berlin Speaker Book, which contains details on all our speakers and their respective firms – with the usual NOAH mix of industry giants and rising stars!


Investor Book

The industry reference covering all stages of the investment spectrum – used by NOAH attendees and Internet executives in the wider ecosystem throughout the entire year in preparation of their fundraising activities.


The NOAH Launchpad 100

100 handpicked start-ups looking for funding

We’re thrilled to announce the innovative companies that will be presenting their disruptive ideas on our Launchpad stage at NOAH Berlin 2019 on 13-14 June.

Take a peek at our presentation for all the details on our 100 handpicked startups ahead of their elevator pitch at the conference…

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NOAH19 Berlin

Connecting European Champions and Challengers

13 - 14 June 2019

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