Connecting European Champions
and Challengers

13 - 14 June 2019


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What to expect at the NOAH Conference Berlin

Our mission: To bring together future-shaping executives and investors active across segments driven by digital revolution

5,000+ senior executives, leading experts and investors meet to discuss partnerships, investments or broaden their network
Unique mix of CEOs from European traditional large caps and top-funded startups on stage
Focus on emerging start-ups – 80+ handpicked young companies on the Startup Stage
Partner dinners and satellite events throughout the city
Workshops and exhibitions by leading digital service providers
Totally revamped conference app and networking / matchmaking technology
Meeting wishlist – tell us who you want to meet

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Premier event for leaders in the European digital ecosystem

Across five stages, 400+ speakers will discuss their vision for the future covering verticals such as

FinTech & InsurTech

Ecommerce, Marketplaces & Classifieds

B2B Software & Services

Mobility & Travel of the Future

Industrial Digitisation

Digital Health

Revolutionary Consumer Products


Cognitive Computing

Blockchain-Powered Businesses

Speaker Overview

Selected Videos from NOAH18 Berlin

Berlin18 Video Library

The NOAH Books - Industry References Covering the European Digital Ecosystem

NOAH18 Berlin Edition


Download the program of NOAH18 Berlin, with 20 unicorn CEOs presenting: UBER, HelloFresh, AUTO1, Zalando, BlaBlaCar, Gett, Delivery Hero, TeamViewer and many more!

Berlin18 Program (PDF)

Speaker Book

Check out our NOAH18 Berlin Speaker Book, which contains details on all our speakers and their respective firms – with the usual NOAH mix of industry giants and rising stars!

Berlin18 Speaker Book (PDF)

Investor Book

The industry reference covering all stages of the investment spectrum – used by NOAH attendees and Internet executives in the wider ecosystem throughout the entire year in preparation of their fundraising activities.

Berlin18 Investor Book (PDF)

The NOAH Startup Stage

Want to meet relevant angels and VCs looking for early-stage opportunities and increase public awareness?
Apply for the NOAH Startup Stage now!

We are calling out to Europe’s most exciting startups (founded 2014 or later) to present their businesses at the NOAH Startup Stage in 2019.

The NOAH Conference provides a unique environment to meet relevant angels and VCs looking for early-stage opportunities and increasing public awareness.

All presentations will be streamed live and video-recorded with an online voting system to determine the winners of attractive packages from service providers and the chance to present on the main stage of the NOAH Conference.

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NOAH19 Berlin

Connecting European Champions and Challengers

13 - 14 June 2019

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