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NOAH Decoded Serendipity and brought it into serial production

NOAH Connection Graph is the attempt to provide rankings on the leading executives for the digital growth sector. NOAH Conference has hosted over 1,300 unique speakers since 2009. By analyzing their Linkedin connections we can easily identify the most connected professionals. And when the industry vertical of the speaker is taken into account, we can create meaningful investor lists for our speakers and the entire ecosystem.

Next to our physical NOAH conference, bible and concierge service, this new product marks an important step into our direction to become a data driven conference, providing intelligence, insights and introduction to the entire NOAH ecosystem.  We add the links to our video library, NOAH video views, capital raised and other interesting metrics.

Access the full NOAH Connection Graph Universe

The full Connection Graph covers a detailed list for the UK Ecosystem, Founders as well as our 10 verticals incl. Banking, Consulting/Recruiting, and PR.

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Top 500 Connection Split

Share of categories in connection ranking

NOAH Attendance Penetration

Share of contacts who attended at least once

NOAH Connection Graph

Top 100 NOAH Contacts in the European Digital Ecosystem ranked by total number of connections with 1,300 NOAH Speakers.

Footnotes: 1) # of Connections with NOAH Speakers 2) # of Attendances at NOAH Conference / # of Speaking Slots, 3) # of Video views on NOAH Conference Youtube channel, 4) Top vertical by penetration within vertical of 1,300 speaker universe, 5) Top 3 videos by number of views declining

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