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6 - 7th December 2022

NOAH Confernence Zurich 2022

Digital, Sustainable and Profitable

Introducing a line up of 300+ sustainability champions

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This was the NOAH Conference Zurich 2022 Project Stage

Join us in Zurich and hear the story of these promising 30 climate & biodiversity projects protecting 6.5 million hectares and providing a combined investment opportunity of $250 million.

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Selected Speakers NOAH Zurich 2022

N26 | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
wefox | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
Flix | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
Get Your Guide | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
Milvik Bima | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
EcoVadis | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
Klarna | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
vaayu | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
Just Eat Takeaway| Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
Modern Meadow | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
Bitpanda | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
Plan A | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2022
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What to Expect?

Unite the sustainability sector for scaling and defining the natural capital industry.

NOAH Conference aims to be a digital and physical collaboration platform for over 67 stakeholder groups to bring sustainable and measurable impact to the World.
The hybrid event on the 6 – 7th December in Zurich will continue the 13 year long journey of NOAH to connect the smart capital with the most exciting startups.

NOAH is inviting speakers from small niche players, often undiscovered or underrated to the biggest European Unicorns, who made NOAH to what it is today.

Over the last 13 years, NOAH brought together startups who collectively grew their valuations by 24x since they first spoke at NOAH – the combined value is over EUR 500 billion. It is our dream and passion to have the same chart in 10 years full of sustainable companies.

Sustainability is the new digital driving a global paradigm shift from pure monetary to also include the global natural ecosystems.

Top-Down Curation of all Stakeholders

NOAH Zurich will feature a curated group of high potential companies, many of them in need of funding now to scale their products into the World faster.
In its core, NOAH Conference supported by its big data subsidiary JuicyData, initiated and organises over 10 collaboration projects involving its invited speakers projects combining existing capabilities of its speakers.

The event in Zurich will present these projects for the first time to the public and will provide a full concept of natural capital.

Structuring the largest Sector of the World

We believe that impact is coming through coordination and not necessarily just more capital. The structuring of all relevant organisations, people, content and projects has been our focus in the last 3 years.

We have identified 9 core stakeholder groups with over 67 sub groups. Understanding who is working on what, suggesting investors, partners, customers and business partners is what NOAH is known for.

The taxonomies of NOAH are coming from JuicyData, an AI driven analytics business providing content and 300 impact KPIs for over 5,000 organisations, 100,000 executives and their works.

Old vs. New!

Building Marketplace Infrastructure and Connecting Stakeholders

Market alignment, creating data and delivering a framework to enable impact is our objective. Stakeholders are categorised into 24 different types of causes and the systematically introduced to each other based on their objective.

We look beyond corporate ownership and create unbiased, consistent, transparent and freely accessible rankings of everyone and everything for the encouragement of teamwork. Indigenous people form in the JuicyData conservation concept the core stakeholder group enable 100,000 mapped global natural capital projects.

Our Venue

As for the physical event, NOAH has been moving to The Circle, Zurich Airport. This new conference venue has the capacity of over 3,000 simultaneous attendees. The floor layout is allowing for 5 stages and 30 premium meeting rooms while still having space in the core of the location for the famous open NOAH networking.

Our Partner Grip is providing the matchmaking platform making everyones conference visit highly efficient as meetings are suggested through our networking AI. NOAH aims to be a tech enabled conference with all year around impact projects, delivering customers and reach to its hand picked conference attendees.

For travel planning:
The conference program will start at 9am on the 6th and ends evening on the 7th of December. Please also check our FAQs section for more information.