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NOAH Sustainability Industry Vertical

Sustainable Construction

Eco-conscious practices and green innovations shape the new built environment. Explore how this industry leads the way in reducing environmental impact, promoting energy efficiency, and creating resilient structures for a sustainable future.


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Sustainable Construction - NOAH Sustainability Industry Vertical

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One of the best represented sector of innovative companies speaking at NOAH covering prefab houses and sustainable materials like timber. All of them are looking to raise together $650m at NOAH Zurich.

In particular Nokera with its long lasting business model advantages on quality and speed, brings promising disruption to the sector.

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Confirmed Speakers

for NOAH Conference Zurich 2023, 13-14 December.

Gropyus | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
Schüttflix | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
comgy | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
ecoworks | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
Timber Finance | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023

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13 - 14 December, The Circle

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NOAH Zurich Conference 2023

13 - 14 December 2023

Digital, Sustainable, Profitable, Growth

Introducing a unique line up of digital champions and sustainability market leaders

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