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NOAH Sustainability Industry Vertical

Sustainable Food and Water

Delve into sustainable food and water industries, championing responsible resource management. Explore eco-friendly practices ensuring nourishment for all while safeguarding our precious water sources for a healthier and more sustainable world.


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Sustainable Food and Water - NOAH Sustainability Industry Vertical

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Current market environment signals that investors run out of patience for the foodtech revolution. Regulation and consumer adoption must increase in space to please nervous investors. A significant number of down rounds expected in this segment. The overall uptake of plant-based meat alternatives has been lagging behind journalists expectations.

8 out of 8 speaking companies plan to raise capital at NOAH with a mid term time horizon.

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Confirmed Speakers

for NOAH Conference Zurich 2023, 13-14 December.

Redefine Meat | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
Planted | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
Formo | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
ivy farm | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
wayout | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
Sprk | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
Oxyle | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023
Liquid Trees | Speaker NOAH Conference Zurich 2023

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