NOAH21 Zurich

6 – 7 December 2021

Digital, Sustainable and Profitable
Introducing a line up of 250+ sustainability champions

Event Program

MON 6 Dec: 8:30 – 19:00 CET
TUE 7 Dec: 8:30 – 19:00 CET

The Circle Convention Centre – Zurich Airport

Flughafenstrasse / Butzenbuelring
8302 Kloten, Switzerland


What is the NOAH Conference

NOAH connects investors, corporates and entrepreneurs through conferences and online matchmaking tools for 12 years. 60% of the European Unicorns passed through the stages of NOAH until 2019.

When and where is the next NOAH Conference?

The 20th NOAH Conference will be on the 6+7th of December 2021 at the Zurich Airport, in brand new conference venue the Circle.

Why do people go to NOAH?

  • To build trusted relationship (NOAH is a networking event)
  • The objective is to learn, to form relationships, close a capital round or simply get to know your peers
  • Attendees will get 20 meetings in the calendar well ahead of the conference
  • Parallel to the main program, attendees organise several smaller gatherings for workshops, targeted presentations and meetings

What are the COVID health and safety requirements at the conference?

Your Health is Our First Priority! NOAH Zurich will be a fully Certified Event according to Swiss regulations. All in-person attendees will have provided proof of certification of either COVID vaccination, curation or negative test (according to Swiss 3G regulation) at the venue’s entrance. Switzerland has the highest safety standards in place and the conference environment itself will furthermore meet all respective hygiene and safety requirements.

What companies are presenting at NOAH Zurich?

Digital and sustainable businesses of all stages, raising between USD 1 to 300 million.

What sustainability segments are covered?

  • Conservation
  • Environmental KPI System
  • Carbon Markets and ESG Consulting
  • ESG Data and Reporting
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Sustainable Food and Water
  • Solar, Hydro and Renewables
  • Social Plastic, Recycling and Waste
  • Eco-friendly Transportation
  • Construction Industry and Sustainable Buildings
  • Healthcare Innovation
  • Education and Immersive Experience
  • Social, Influencer and Automation
  • Systems, Platforms and SaaS
  • Fair Finance

How mans stages will there be?

NOAH Zurich 2021 aims to have 3 presentation stages and a live broadcast studio hosted by our partner WeDontHaveTime with direct reporting and interviews from the Conference.

How much does a ticket cost and what does it include?

NOAH Conferences have a two-tiered pricing model in order to get the right mix of industry executives and investment professionals, while keeping the event accessible for young entrepreneurs and startups. We offer a virtual participation from CHF 84 (incl. VAT) while in-person tickets are available from CHF840. Please book your tickets here.

  • 2 full Conference days on multiple Stages
  • Full access to our virtual event platform powered by Grip
  • AI-powered event matchmaking service for all attendees
  • Set up of physical and virtual meetings around event
  • Top speakers from all areas of sustainability across the different growth stages
  • Bookmark sessions and engage with Q&A features
  • All content is streamed via the event platform
  • Full catering throughout the day by the Circle (in-person attendance)

Is it possible to attend virtually?

NOAH Zurich 2021 aims to have 3 presentation stages and a live broadcast studio hosted by our partner WeDontHaveTime with direct reporting and interviews from the Conference.

What is the upgrade to "In-Person" ticket option?

Buying a virtual ticket on Early Bird Sales will allow you to secure your upgrade option to an “In-Person” pass anytime at the respective “Early Bird” In-Person ticket rate. You lock that special discounted rate if you commit early to attend the conference. This upgrade is only available to NOAH attendees coming from abroad.

Travelling to Switzerland - what are the requirements?

Traveling into Switzerland is fully open while following Swiss regulations. Zurich is a safe destination. The venue is just a few steps away, right next to the airport and within a 10min train ride from Zurich main train station. We strongly encourage all guests to consider travelling by train if possible.

Accommodation in Zurich

The Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle is conveniently located, right next to Zurich Airport within The Circle. Simply follow this link to make a personalised booking request at our special rate with the corporate / group code G-K456.

What is JuicyData?

A data solution of NOAH to map the sustainability stakeholders, their causes, their project type, content and impact. NOAH Attendees get a beta user account.