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Plastic Bank – Help Save the Ocean and End Poverty

Plastic is an undervalued creation of mass consumption. If considered a waste, it will continue to pollute our ocean and land.
Countless studies have warned us of more plastic than fish in our oceans soon.

National Geographic revealed in that “with no improvements to managing waste beyond what’s already in place today, 99 million tons of uncontrolled plastic waste would end up in the environment by 2030.” This is up 10x the 8.8 million tons of plastic flown into the oceans in 2015. Only 10% of the 400m annual plastic use is recycled and this number has hardly moved in the past.

It is time to implement solutions which are economically viable, digitally operable, and regenerative for the environment and the society. Plastic Bank is putting collection infrastructure in place to stop ocean plastic and create a path out of poverty for recycling communities, partnering with leading FMCG players to re-integrate plastic materials into their global supply chain.

Circular economy is more than just a great concept. David Katz and his team are empowering the world with a solution to ocean pollution. We need to realize the urgency of this challenge and support companies like Plastic Bank.

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